About us

Society for Young Researchers on Neuroscience (NOU KAGAKU WAKATE NO KAI) is organized to encourage communication among the people such as undergraduate students, graduate students, post doctoral fellows, who are in the brain science. This society was founded in June 2008, and has been growing nationwide through several social events and workshops.


The neuroscience (or the brain science) currently integrates multiple views from the micro level like molecular or cell biological dynamics, to the micro level such as social behaviors, and the importance of cooperation among the people, have different backgrounds, has been increasing. Our society would hope to contribute to development of the neuroscience (or the brain science) by providing opportunities to intermingle with other young researchers.

Students mainly manage this society, and we are welcome to know your ideas or opinions of us to improve this society.

Q. For whom? (どんな人が参加できるの?)
A. The neuroscience (or The brain science) researches as natural sciences aim for uncovering the micro dynamics such as molecules and cells, and the macro dynamics such as an agent and social behaviors. Moreover, humanities such as philosophy also have been studying the mind and the cognition since over 2000 years ago, and these terms have been influencing the brain science (or the neuroscience). Therefore, we are welcome to people whoever are interested in the word “brain” (or neuron). We would expect you to broaden your horizons by communicating other members in our society.
Q. What do we do?(どんな活動をしているの?)
A. We have constantly nationwide social events. Venues of the social events are universities or institutes in Japan, and we provide opportunities to visit some leading laboratories in the venue. Moreover, we share worldwide information about not only workshops and reading circles but also recruitment for researchers, and also organize training camps and lecture meetings inviting major researchers as speakers. We have a section in each region such as Hokkaido, Kanto, and Kansai, and run our society to encourage communication within each region and between regions.